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Chiropractic Antioch CA Sensational Sleep Book

Poor quality and quantity of sleep can contribute to chronic pain, poor metabolism, a decrease in cognitive function, and more. For better sleep for a better you get the *Sensational Sleep* Book written by Stacey Duckett.

Chiropractor Antioch CA

Welcome to Prime Spine Plus located in Antioch, CA.  We do our best to relieve your pain and then encourage you to stay healthy with tips on nutrition, hydration, sleep, and stress reducing habits.  Here you will be listened to in detail and cared for as family.

Dr. Duckett decided to become an Antioch chiropractor because of its beautiful waterfront and fantastic running trails at Contra Loma Park. The office is located conveniently off Highway 4 at the Hillcrest Professional Center. Easy access for those coming from not only Antioch but also Oakley, Brentwood, Discovery Bay, and Pittsburg, CA.

This practice specializes in treating a variety of conditions with a strong focus on your posture. Patients who suffer from sport related injuries, chronic lower back and neck pain, headaches, repetitive stress disorders and whiplash injuries find relief with Dr. Duckett's chiropractic care. Dr. Duckett strives to get you out of pain as quickly as possible. Great results are seen because care is customized for each patient.

People often state the pain they have has been normal for them.  Let me assure you that the pain you have might be common for you, but it is not normal. If you have been suffering recently from an injury or have been dealing with chronic pain for years and you are sick and tired of it, give us a call.  Life is so much better with an increase in flexibility and less pain.  Let us help you get your life back!  If you would like to come in for an evaluation, please contact us at (925) 777-3334.

We Offer Custom Orthotics!

Are you tired of suffering from foot pain and discomfort? Do you want to improve your posture and mobility? Look no further than custom orthotics! Our orthotics are specially designed to provide support and alignment to your feet, helping to relieve pain and prevent future injuries. Plus, our expert team will work with you to create a personalized orthotic that fits perfectly and meets your unique needs. Don't let foot pain hold you back any longer - try custom orthotics today!

Prime Spine Plus



The Benefits of Chiropractic Care

There are several acute and chronic conditions that our services have helped patients.  For instance, patients after being involved in a motor vehicle accidents have obtained significant relief and have had all of their issues addressed to help them get support and care along with additional testing when needed such as MRI's, referrals for anxiety, difficulty sleeping and dizziness too.  Patients suffering from an accident is walked through the entire process with help from our office with any paperwork with the insurance carrier and or attorney.  Patients that have come in for acute or chronic shoulder pain and restricted range of motion are quite often amazed about the increase in range of motion and decrease in pain even after one treatment.  The most common saying we hear is "Why did I wait so long to come in!” We have patients that have been suffering with headaches find out the cause is due to a problem with the improper movement of the vertebra and muscles supporting the neck.  They have responded to our care with such a relief in pain.  It is fantastic to witness the results people get from having their bodies function again the way they are supposed to function.



Some misconceptions people have is that it is going to hurt, and I will have to go forever. Honestly, utilizing some techniques may be painful depending upon what you are suffering from and the condition of your body.   Dr. Duckett will address this with each patient to find a care program that the patient can tolerate and recover nicely.

As far as going in forever, that is up to you.  We have a start and a finish date with your care.  However, if you are like me you will like to get checked periodically because you like to keep the tension low in your body instead of letting it build up.   We will be here for you too.


What Kind of Training Does Your Chiropractor Have?

Dr. Duckett, is an awarded Top Doctor for Antioch, CA, certified Medical Examiner and Applied Clinical Nutritionist. She offers detailed evaluations including posture assessments, DOT physicals and care for those wanting to get out of pain and live life healthy.  She provides specific chiropractic adjustments utilizing either her hands, a drop table, an instrument adjusting with the Impulse IQ or a combination.  She also has a special table that allows pregnant women to lay down comfortably.  Services may include computerized posture evaluations, soft tissue mobilization, infrared, heat, mechanical traction and flexion distraction. Dr. Duckett also helps to improve the function of the supporting soft tissue utilizing a percussion instrument with various attachments called The VibraCussor. The instrument delivers percussive impulses deep into the tissues of the body.  It is effective in increasing circulation and lymphatic flow with a decrease in muscle spasm.    She is certified in Neuro-Muscular Re-education which locates adhesions and releases soft tissue restrictions of the muscles and tendons that helps improve proper movement.  An increase in range of motion will allow a reduction in pain.  Too often the soft tissue gets neglected and proper biomechanics are not restored to the patient in need of proper care.   Once you are feeling out of pain and want to make health a priority Dr. Duckett can help with recommendations.


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